Toilet Book - 134 full-colour pages of toilet humour

I want this!

Toilet Book - 134 full-colour pages of toilet humour

Ricky 'Bushman' Browne - Free Books

  • A toilet humour book to read on the toilet! -

Need a reason to get out of bed in the morning? Well, this book is for you! 134 pages of toilet humour.

Note: This book does not contain unsavoury images.

Faux recommendations:

"This book made me feel that my type of humour is in fact totally acceptable." — Geraldine Boog

"This book certainly isn't for everyone, but it made me laugh all the same." — Justin Berbers

"It's the perfect poopin' book!" — Derryl Snummers

"I don't know what was more enjoyable, the book, or the big turd I had while reading it." — Garry Protter

"I look forward to toilet time these days, as long as I've got my Toilet Book!" — Andrew O'Kete

"I caught my wife reading my 'Toilet Book' the other day, I said, 'Get your own toilet book.'" — Larry Brinn

"Toilet humour is my favourite humour." — Jenifer Anistone

"Nothing like a good poo joke." — David Attenboroughorough

"Toilet time is so much more fun since purchasing this book. And the people who come to visit love having toilet breaks at my house!" — Bridget Jonas

I want this!
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